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Create Your Own Paperie Cards For Special Happenings

Monday, January 30th, 2012

People who enjoy scrapbooking will really love to get their hands on some wonderful paperie to come up with their own cards for special occasions. Here are some creative concepts and different art supplies you might use.

Get Some Rubber Stamps

If you’re game for some fun and enjoy creating lots of different cards, what will come in real handy would be some rubber stamps. These are available in many various designs and patterns. And you can simply get 1 or 2 different ink pads that come in various colors. Essentially, you only need to stamp your rubber stamp on the ink pad and then stamp them on the numerous papers that you have lined up. Just make absolutely certain the complete flat surface of the rubber stamp is inked well as you wouldn’t desire any faded stamps on your cards or paper. You might even have your own custom-designed rubber stamps made for you to use on birthday or wedding invites. This will give your creations a rather more personalized feel.

Use Some Creative Stencils

And if you should chance to like some different colors of patterns or photographs on your paperie project, you might get a hold of some stencils. These come in various sizes and designs which you might blend together. Perhaps you would like different portions to be in different colors. Your inspiration and creativeness will ensure you have loads of fun creating your own designs which you could use to build your own customized birthday invitations, season greeting cards or birthday invitations to send out to friends and family.

If You’re Too Tied Up

Now if you believe that making your own customized birthday invitations or birthday cards is going to take you forever , don’t sweat it. Got a birthday or wedding event coming up? Just make contact with one of the online paperie sellers as a few of them offer really grand customized printing services. They’ll handle it all for you as you can order your own paper, design and tell them the wordings that you want printed on the cards. Once finished, the released cards will be shipped to you prepared for your signature or personal stamping before you send them off to loved ones.


Nowadays it is so far easier to send online greetings but there is often something creating and sending your own personalised cards on big occasions. In fact , you may find it a delightful experience. Have a good one!

  • Create some customized wedding or birthday invites
  • Order your customized cards printed online
  • Use stencils with different colors


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Save on Julie Holcomb Letterpress Invitations

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Julie Holcomb, one of the pioneers of fine letterpress printing, is offering a 15% sales promotion on wedding invitations and all wedding papers through February 29th. Julie Holcomb does not sell online and her stunning letterpress invitations on thick cotton paper can only be purchased through a limited number of leading retailers across the United States.
Julie Holcomb Letterpress Invitation
For close to three decades, Julie has been a trend-setter in fine letterpress printing. Her classic designs, edged borders and unrivalled attention to detail place her designs at the apex of letterpress printing. When bridal couples ask about letterpress, stationery dealers fortunate enough to carry her line will generally lead with Julie Holcomb.
Julie Holcomb
Clients can now supply their own art which will be digitally enhanced and applied to the back of invitation to further increase the level of personalization. If you are considering letterpress, visit Julie Holcomb’s website to learn more about her environmentally-friendly letterpress printing and locate a store in your neighborhood that sells her beautiful line.
Julie Holcomb Wedding Invitation

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Are Online Wedding Invitations the recommended solution?

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Internet based research is usually a handy and fast strategy for finding advice. However, the level of available information and facts are so sizable it is difficult to determine what information is beneficial. For instance you will find well over 25 million search records of the keyword phrase “wedding invitations” on Google. Precisely how many of these search records are appropriate? Can you truly determine if the content you get is informative or simply a sales hype?

Crane Wedding Shower Detail

Found below are a few uncomplicated tactics that you might wish to consider before buying your wedding invitations on the internet.

Online Wedding Invitations Suggestions to Save You Money and employ Your Time And Efforts Wisely

  1. Narrow Your Online Search with Qualifiers: Instead of making use of a vast search term like “wedding invitations” have a shot at something which cuts down on the scope of the search. As an illustration, “engraved wedding invitations,” or “custom invitations” will drastically reduce the number of Google search results and possibly guide you toward better sources of choosing the wedding invitation of your hopes and dreams.
  2. Use a Local Search Qualifier: There is a general idea that searching online will provide superior information and facts that may help you design your wedding invitation. This just isn’t the situation: search outcomes for an item as custom made as wedding invitations are manipulated in the direction of those internet promotion firms that do a more effective job optimizing their site for web search. The previous CEO of Google refers to the internet for being a “cesspool of information.” One technique for avoiding this unreliable information and facts are to introduce a local qualifier. As an example, if you live in the New York City area, enter in the search keyword phrase “New York wedding invitations” in the Internet search bar and you should find local stationery retail stores in your area specializing in letterpress stationery and personalized invitations.
  3. Check for save the date invitations that are also sold through independently owned retailers: One strategy for soon determining whether you’re dealing with a respectable firm on the web is whether they also sell by way of recognized independent store dealers. Printing firms that distribute their products through independent dealers are more likely to have an established track record in the industry and offer their customers the opportunity to shop in your area or online. This is an unmistakable sign that you’re not dealing with a fly-by-night printer.

Whether you plan to shop locally or buy online, be sure you look at your choices very carefully. If you are looking for a totally unique wedding invitation, it’s best to buy with an expert stationer in your town.

Sheila May is a founding member of the Stationer Guild and writes routinely about wedding invitations and online wedding invitations.

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Vera Wang On Weddings: News Release

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

William Arthur, in partnership with Vera Wang, has just announced the introduction of the new Vera Wang On Weddings collection of personalized wedding stationery. This volume abounds with tactile embellishments, playful proportions, and a palette that is both elegant and unexpected.  Found below are excerpts of the news release.

Inspired by Vera Wang’s bridal and ready-to-wear lines, Vera Wang On Weddings reflects the classic yet modern and sophisticated aesthetic that has made Vera Wang a fashion icon. Vera Wang On Weddings is available at select fine stationers nationwide, and online at

With over 35 unique wedding stationery trousseau’s, an incredible range of whimsy and elegance is captured on each page including:

  • Gold Border:  This spectacular design features a broad band of gold foil on both the card edge and the envelope flap. The type is at once dramatic and delicate. Shown engraved, this chic invitation is sure to captivate.
  • Black Paper:  This fall, Vera Wang enraptured the fashion world with her Spring 2012 collection of black bridal gowns. Here, the same drama and romance is reflected on paper. Gorgeously engraved in a proprietary calligraphic font, this invitation marries spirit and sophistication.
  • Garden Lace Folder:  This sensational design is inspired by both Vera Wang’s Ready-to-Wear and bridal collections. A whimsical garden of flowers and a mesh of laser-cut lace cut away to reveal a vibrant range of background colors. From Raspberry, Peony and Saffron to Grass, Lapis and Indigo, this innovative and tactile invitation speaks to the refined detailing within Vera Wang’s collections.
  • Letterpressed Heart:  Bold and contemporary, the wording for this charming invitation is nestled within the clutches of an over-sized heart. The playful cross-hatching on this design accentuates the tactile nature of letterpress printing, while the peony ink adds an overt femininity.
  • Painted Edge:  New to Vera Wang On Weddings, Vera Wang will be offering heavy-weight card stock with custom-painted edges, in dozens of ink colors. A true statement of luxury, this design is engraved in Lapis and Gold. The unique monogrammed wreath gives a nod to tradition, while revealing a whimsical sensibility.

With a broad and versatile range of colors, textures and details to choose from, the new Vera Wang On Weddings collection of invitations and stationery suites perfectly captures the designer’s unique balance of sophistication and charm.

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Timely suggestions for buying wedding invitations

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Couples browsing for wedding invitations are apt to assume that paper grade is considered the most critical cost consideration when looking to buy an online wedding invitation. While the level of quality of the paper is very important, other things to consider like the printing technique, quantity of ink colors and added elaborations frequently play a lot more significant role in determining the final cost of your customized wedding invitations.

Julie Holcomb Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Many quality printers make use of cotton fibers, high-grade wood fibers that’s been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or a blend of both cotton and wood-based fibers. While these papers are definitely of a higher quality than recycled papers that quite a few promote as “environment-friendly, these quality papers very often cost a little more but are quite well worth the small premium. In addition, these papers are more often than not more “environmentally-friendly” and substantive than almost all papers marketed on the internet that claim to be “green” or “tree-free.”

Vera Wang Wedding Invitatio

Variables that tend to raise the costs of imprinted wedding invitations are paper weight, colored papers and the quantity of ink colors used in printing the invitations.

The paper weight: Lots of wedding papers marketed on-line are printed by industrial printers. Generally speaking, paper with a weight previously mentioned 120 pounds can’t be sent by means of a commercial printer or ink-jet printer. Subsequently, a heavy wedding invitation can just be printed using engraving, letterpress or, in some circumstances, with thermographic inks. This traditional printing method is likely to raise overall prices, but will generate a significantly more spectacular invitation.

Paper Color: Just about all wedding invitations are imprinted on white or ecru colored papers making sure that ink colors resonate. However, there is a fashion towards bold-colored papers. In these instances, merely using a more pricey printing course of action like engraving seems to work to acquire the proper resolution connecting ink colors and darkly-colored papers.

Ink Colors: Though flat-printing, lithography and digital printing functions best with papers less than 120 pounds in weight, more conventional printing procedures are required for more substantial papers. In these instances, each color needs to be used in a separate press run, thereby increasing prices.

While browsing locally for wedding invitations, it is often best to seek the advice of an experienced stationer who can help you pick out the best wedding invitation designs and papers for your financial budget.

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Crane’s Winter Sale for Stationery and Invitations

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Today thru April 2nd, Crane & Co. is offering great cost savings on all custom-made stationery purchases and customized invitations. Purchase 75 or even more items from Crane and receive 25 free of cost.

Crane Wedding Invitation

Whether you are looking for new stationery or have just gotten engaged and should send out a save the date announcement or wedding invitations. Now is the occasion to purchase your stationery or invitations and avail yourself of this exceptional sale. Crane’s sale is made available to you through listed Crane retailers in retail outlets near you or at Crane’s online shop. Buy in your community with the help of an experienced stationer to see the extensive range of Crane’s customization choices and printing techniques or check out Crane on the internet.

Crane & Co. has been crafting exceptional stationery and custom wedding invitations for more than two centuries. This Dalton, MA company is best-known for its outstanding engraving, hand-painted borders and large selection of 100% cotton papers. At present thru April 2nd you can shop for Crane’s sophisticated stationery and save yourself money while doing so. Don’t hold back and visit a Crane store in your neighborhood or go shopping online. You will be thankful you did so.

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National Retail Federation: The Changing Face of Retailing

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

At the suggestion of a techie relative – who can still hold a civilized conversation without consulting his smart phone every 30 seconds – I decided to “invite” myself to the National Retail Federation’s 106th exhibition at the Javits Center.

Like most of the events at the Javits Center, this “high tech” exhibition was painfully disorganized. Nevertheless, there were several attractive young women standing around holding placards suggesting they might have the answers to a simple question like “Am I standing in the right line to register for the National Retail Federation Exhibition?” They too didn’t have a clue, but one nice woman offered to hold my place in the queue (incidentally, the wrong one) while I searched for a restroom. I wanted to reciprocate her kindness with a Starbucks coffee, but that queue was also a 45 minutes wait. Now I don’t know about you, but anyone who waits 45 minutes in line for a bloody coffee must surely drink decaf.

In any event, I did manage to get into the exhibition hall after waiting in two lines for the better part of an hour and a half, which is more than I can say for the poor suits that had a longer wait for their “express pass” badge. In any event, I suggest that the Javits Center organizers engage Oracle, IBM or Microsoft to help streamline the process rather than simply increase the prices of the largely inedible food at the food halls (a tuna fish sandwich is now $9.50). Enough complaining.

This show is for the heavy hitters of retailing. In one of the sideshows, former President Bill Clinton was telling retailers that “last year was pretty good so you guys should be smiling.” I suppose his audience was Walmart, McDonalds, Target, Pizza Hut and some of the other Big Box stores and food chains. I am not so sure this is true for main street retailing, but then the vendors at this exhibition are not pitching to Mom and Pop retailers. Found below are just a few things that caught my attention:

  • Photo and Heat Imaging Traffic Patterns: Several vendors were offering an array of fascinating tools to track consumer behavior in stores. For instance, you could “track” yourself and others with sophisticated image reading devices as you moved through a booth or store. Computer software would then create a heat map to determine the level of interest in particular areas of the store and consumer traffic patterns. The equipment is so sophisticated that it will also capture whether you are carrying a cellphone or other digital device. Pretty scary. Maybe Homeland Security would be interested.
  • There were several exhibits of digital kiosks whereby you would stand in front of a video camera which would project images in front of you (clothes items) and you could digitally dress yourself by making hand prompts. One gentleman in a suit ended up dressed in a nice yellow shirt and blue pants. Pretty amazing if digital dressing is your thing. Must be on every cross-dressers wish list.
  • A similar touch panel prompted you to make a pizza with Wolfgang Puck muttering instructions. I didn’t stick around long enough to see anyone actually eat a digital pizza, since clearly no one was able to make one to Wolfgang’s satisfaction. Most of the wannabee Top Chefs failed and were then encouraged to buy his packaged variety.
  • I saw a “Free” application which plugs into your computer and reads your inventory position from your POS and automatically posts your items for sale on eBay. As long as you have the “right” POS system, you can be selling online in no time with no website.
  • One of my favorite exhibits was digital signage. In effect, you can create great digital messages for potential clients and easily customize the program to receive local feeds (i.e. the weather, local news). This is a very sophisticated way (and relatively inexpensive) to exhibit products and stationery sale promotions which, in my opinion, are far more effective than traditional storefront merchandising.

I will be discussing some of these trends later on, but retailing is changing and changing rapidly. We all need to wake up, since the Evil Empire is just around the corner and may already be in your backyard.

Richard W. May
Therese Saint Clair

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William Arthur Stationery and Invitation Sale

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

William Arthur has been making great stationery and custom wedding invitations for more than three decades. This Kennebunk, Maine business is known for its extraordinary styles showcasing Vera Wang, Rita Renning and William Arthur’s own exclusive fashion styles. William Arthur’s wedding styles are most well-known with bridal couples and offer a selection of several printing and customization alternatives.

William Arthur Stationery and Invitation Promotion

At present through April 2nd you can shop for William Arthur’s stylish stationery and spend less money while doing so. Get 75 or even more units from William Arthur and get 25 totally free. Don’t wait and check out a William Arthur retailer in your community or see other online wedding invitation and stationery options. You will be happy you did so.

Maybe you are on the lookout for new stationery or have just gotten engaged and will want to mail a save the date announcement or wedding invitations. Today is the occasion to order your stationery or invitations and benefit of this fantastic deal. William Arthur offer is readily available to you through authorized William Arthur dealers in stores close to you or at William Arthur’s online shop. Shop in your community with the help of a seasoned stationer to check out the full-range of William Arthur’s customization options and printing methods or take a look at William Arthur online.

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Emerging Styles for 2012 Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The first indications suggest that the 2012 wedding season appears to be one of the most robust in history. Though the economic climate remains fragile, couples who have delayed their wedding seem to be stating that next season is when they finally agree to get married.

William Arthur Wedding Invitations

Considering this, wedding specialists are beginning to launch new designs and styles awaiting the wave of new weddings that will start in early January. Major printer and designer William Arthur is starting 2012 with a bang with two revamped wedding albums along with the impending unveiling of Vera Wang’s new wedding invitation designs. Color, bold new styles and designs and invitations that incorporate both conventional and contemporary designs are prominently featured in William Arthur’s wedding line.

William Arthur Wedding Invitation

Most importantly, William Arthur offers you countless invitations that may be printed in letterpress, engraving or thermography. These choices give the client the option of choosing a printing style that reflects their needs and price range.

William Arthur offers many one of a kind designs at affordable prices and certainly ought to be on every bridal couple’s short list of “must see” wedding invitations. Also, they have a great line of save the date invitations and personal stationery.

See a William Arthur dealer in your area to check out their line at a store or visit them online.

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Newest Invitation Designs from Crane Paper

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

When planning a wedding event your wedding invitation should take the lead. Yet, several other wedding activities that typically demand a particular invitation. As an example, save the date announcements, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and bridesmaid teas commonly call out for their own invitation. If you are in need of inspiration or basically confused as to how to begin, the answer to your prayers has just arrived at top stationery and custom invitation boutiques all over the United States.

Crane Wedding Invitation

Crane & Co. has just delivered its new Social Occasions Album, a personalization album that contains plenty of samples of Crane’s marvelous designs that feature Crane’s traditional craftsmanship. This invitation collection signals a welcome change in focus at Crane simply because it comes back to its deep traditions of making fine stationery and custom invitations.

Crane Engagement Party

The new Social Occasions Album has samples of wedding invitations, save the date invitations, Bar Mitzvah invitations, wedding anniversary and company event invitations and a big assortment of reply cards, menu cards and personalized correspondence. Most of the samples are engraved, but Crane’s gifted artists and craftspeople are also adept with letterpress along with other kinds of printing.

For people arranging a wedding celebration, Crane’s Social Occasions Album is clearly worth a look. Even though certain invitations will not be created for your wedding day; the terminology and wording or your invitation, font styles and ink color styles can be adapted to reflect the themes for the wedding day.

With a little creative thinking, virtually all invitation samples for anniversaries or sweet sixteen celebrations can easily serve as a template design for a rehearsal dinner, groomsment party or almost every other wedding event. Making use of an informed stationer in your neighborhood who carries Crane’s new Social Occasions Album will help you design your own distinctive custom design.

Reaching directly into its roots during the American Revolution, Crane has produced a dazzling array of invitations and announcements, menu cards and engraved stationery that is breathtaking in its design and sophistication. Visit your local stationery store now or visit Crane & Co. at their online store.

Sheila May is the owner of Therese Saint Clair and writes frequently about regional wedding invitation trends and the importance of save the date cards.

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