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Preserve Brands at International Gift Show

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

If you are planning to attend the International Gift Show at the Javits Center this week do make a point to visit Preserve Brands and say hello to Hank Beresin. Preserve Brands is located at Booth 7279 and I am sure that Hank would be delighted to introduce you to this exceptional new concept in paper products.

While both Sheila and I are a bit removed from the day-to-day happenings of the stationery industry, I still vividly recall the evolution of Preserve Brands which Hank introduced to last year. The company focuses on sustainable paper good products in an eye-catching way that is both fashionable and good for the environment.

Found below are a few quotes from a recent press release:

The product line includes “every day” and holiday gift packaging, wedding gifts and accessories, baby keepsake gifts, social stationery, writing journals, and a luxurious array of exquisite handmade papers. Preserve Brands’ product line includes exceptional keepsake products that can be used to celebrate special events or life milestones, as well as “PRESERVING” the memories that stem from them.

Preserve Brands products are sustainable paper goods, made from recycled virgin tee shirts, not trees. Our commitment to “Tees not Trees™” is heavily promoted to retailers and consumers and differentiates Preserve from some of the other fashionable, luxury products on the market today. All Preserve products are hand-made by artisans who practice the ancient art form of hand paper-making, a tradition the company intends to “PRESERVE.”

When we last saw Hank, the company was developing a fashionable line of papers, journals and some sensational boxes and wedding guest books.  We sold out of the boxes in a week and found that they are the ideal “enclosure” or “gift basket” for wedding photos or wedding favors.  I see that their new holiday papers strike just the right balance in joyful color and elegance and are sure to be a big hit this year with retailers and consumers alike.

While I wish the company would adopt a more memorable brand name, Preserve Brands is certainly a must stop for those that are looking for something truly original and eco-friendly as you seek inspiration for the holidays.

Tell Hank hello.

Richard W. May
Founding Member Stationers Guild

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