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Shutterfly, NSA and Privacy

Friday, September 27th, 2013

I have never been a particularly “private” person because I suspect that I don’t have much to hide that anyone else would find particularly interesting.    Presumably, most Americans feel the same given the lack of outrage at NSA’s questionable surveillance practices.   President Obama states that “folks” (i.e. “fellow Americans”) support the argument that our “benign” government will only use these draconian surveillance practices to capture terrorists who are “up to no good.”   For politicians who have difficulty defining “what is, is;”  I suspect that voter confidence in the institutions that theoretically protect us is probably not warranted.

This is not intended as a treatise on civil liberties, but merely to point out that our “right to privacy” is most likely an oxymoron.    Sadly, there is a tendency to believe that more information makes you a more knowledgeable person.   I suspect this is not the case, but I don’t yet have enough information to know for sure.

For those concerned about “privacy,” how do you feel when you learn that Shutterfly has “full rights” to use your photographs as they see fit?  Sure, you retain “ownership” of your family photos, but Shutterfly is free to do anything it wants with them.    Read below the Shutterfly Terms which appeared in an online forum (DaveGuy)

“In the event that you post or upload to the Service, or otherwise submit to or through Shutterfly as part of your use of the Service, any materials including, without limitation, photographs and other images, text, graphics, videos, visuals, sounds, data, files, links and other materials (collectively, “Submissions”), you will retain ownership of such Submissions, and you hereby grant us and our designees a worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicenseable (through multiple tiers), assignable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, distribute (through multiple tiers), create derivative works of, and publicly display and perform (publicly or otherwise) such Submissions, solely in connection with the Service ( including without limitation for purposes of promoting the Service ). Please note that, while you retain ownership of your Submissions, any template or layout in which you arrange or organize such Submissions through tools and features made available through Shutterfly are not proprietary to you, and can be used by Shutterfly and others for any purposes. You acknowledge and agree that you have no rights in any such template and/or layout, and such template or layout shall be the sole and exclusive property of Shutterfly.

Even if you are not a lawyer, these Terms of  Use by Shutterfly seem pretty clear.   Now I understand why Kim Kardashian doesn’t use Shutterfly:  No Royalties!

If you are planning to use online printers for your holiday photocards this year, make sure that you are comfortable with the fine print.   You might not be happy to find a photo of your new baby being used as the poster child for Pampers.  I wouldn’t.

Richard May
Therese Saint Clair

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William Arthur’s Holiday Photo Cards

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Check out William Arthur’s great selection of holiday photo cards now. William Arthur has been selling distinctive papers, custom made invitations and personalized stationery for discerning clients of fine paper products for greater than 60 years. No matter if you plan to use digital images or photo-mount your holiday photo , William Arthur has a great assortment of photo greeting card options for you to consider.

William Arthur Holiday Photo Card

Act now and buy your custom made online Christmas cards or photo-mount Holiday photo cards. The standard of their papers is unparalleled in the printing industry and during the past several years, William Arthur has spent a great deal to improve their already excellent printing functionality.

With the plethora of printing choices now accessible to the public, it is tricky to figure out which organization provides the best quality holiday photo card for the budget. Sadly, many digitally produced photo cards seem like commercially made flyers and also the paper standard can be of poor quality. The good news is, William Arthur provides customers using a variety of printing solutions for both high quality digital prints and photo-mount Christmas photo greeting cards. Settle on the desired printing option that works the best for you.

William Arthur Christmas Photo Card

William Arthur is one of the leading printers and designers of top quality holiday and Christmas photo greeting cards. The thing that makes William Arthur exceptional are their gorgeous papers, bold design photo frames and exceptional printing facilities. Based in Kennebunk,, Maine, William Arthur is still producing high grade stationery, custom wedding invitations and personalized Christmas cards for a long time.

Sheila May owns Therese Saint Clair and blogs frequently about wedding invitation trends and personalized stationery.

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Big Apple Holiday Greeting Cards

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The christmas season in New York City is truly a unique season. It appears as if almost every street corner is full of lights, dazzling colors and the fragrance of chestnuts cooking on wood fires. A touch of snow, definitely helps the feel, but the holiday season is a distinctive time in The Big Apple.
NYC Holiday Greeting Cards
One of several creative designers of superior quality holiday greeting cards has designed a series of christmas cards that reflects the flavor of Christmas in the big apple.

These particular holiday greeting cards are normally used by New York-based firms to market their company, but New Yorkers will frequently use the cards to celebrate the beauty of their great town.

NYC Holiday Card

While a few of these Christmas greeting cards highlight retouched images of photos, others use celebrated works of American artists. Whether or not it’s Rockefeller Center, Central Park or one of many touching winter moments in the City, you can be assured to discover a card that will fit your “New York state of mind.”

Regardless what you’ve planned this season to stay in touch with clientele or close friends, please consider this impressive collection of NYC Christmas cards.

Sheila May is one of the founding members of the Stationers Guild and shares knowledge regularly about Christmas cards and holiday photo cards.

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Christmas Greeting Cards and Christmas Photo Cards

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Engraved Christmas Cards at Therese Saint Clair

With the holiday season coming, now is the time to get your Christmas greeting cards or holiday photo cards. It truly is an occasion to reach out and communicate family updates with faraway friends and loved ones. Each year, we mail out a Christmas card together with a short note describing some of the more important incidents during the past year.

Christmas Photo Cards from Therese Saint Clair

Plenty of families prefer to use Christmas photo cards. The dilemma is to get you and your family – and possibly your adorable puppy – to pose for the larger-than-life family shoot. Consider a reliable photographer, however in most instances you will get the perfect family photo with a bit of perseverance.

At Therese Saint Clair in downtown Greenwich, you can find a great selection of greeting cards and Christmas photo cards. Customize your holiday card with your own personal unique greeting. For individuals who feel safe buying online, try Crane & Co. for classic Christmas cards and D’Arconte for modern engraved holiday cards. For those on a budget we recommend Birchcraft photo cards and Printswell which are offered by the Stationers Guild.

Sheila P. May
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Budget friendly Christmas Photo Greeting Cards

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Just what better approach to stay connected with out of the way close friends then to send out a holiday photo card. People think that a “picture may be worth a thousand words,” but a personalized greeting card or possibly a simple family bulletin is really a fantastic solution to let friends know that they’ve played a significant role in your lives and you would like to keep in touch.

Christmas Photo Card

With so many choices to buy holiday photo cards online, it is tough to know which way to turn. One easy rule-of-thumb is to select photo greeting cards only from merchants that market their cards through neighborhood retailers. It is the best way an experienced consumer can guarantee themselves of the paper quality and print resolution. Don’t be misled by unrealistic internet claims. One well-established company offering exceptional savings this season is Printswell. Printswell is a a printer and order fulfillment business that prints Christmas cards in excess of 10 well-known creators including Stacy Claire Boyd, Roseanne Beck and Putnam House.

Christmas Photo Card

What better way to trigger the Christmas season than enjoying this outstanding offer by Printswell.

Richard W. May is a founding member of the Stationers Guild and writes often regarding the importance of buying holiday cards from local stationery stores.

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Distinctive 2012 Christmas Cards from D’Arconte

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

This winter holiday – full of much economic and political problems – feels like a bizarre time for you to start thinking about sending holiday cards, however some individuals and businesses are now looking for Christmas greeting cards that impart high hopes along with opportunities for the new year.

Holiday Cards from D'Arconte

One holiday card designer that is still a fashionable option for individuals seeking a cutting edge design and style and outstanding artistry is Bob D’Arconte. Together with his trendy yet timeless engraved styles, D’Arconte continues to be a popular choice for people that increased value exceptional craftsmanship for their engraved Christmas card. D’Arconte has many creations that captivate businesses. If you’re looking for a incomparable Christmas card this season, D’Arconte is a superb solution.

Engraved Red Ornament Balls

One of the leading craftsmen of engraved invitations and business holiday cards is Bob D’Arconte. From his printing studio in Brooklyn, New York City, Mr. D’Arconte has been designing unique holiday cards for more than 30 years. His unmistakable designs will frequently consist of an imprinted frame with superb engraved Christmas or winter elements inside the embossed frame. His virtuosity is unmatched in the industry, especially his burnished metallic ink finishes.

Richard May owns Therese Saint Clair and publishes articles quite often about personalized stationery trends and custom holiday photo cards designs.

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Last Chance for Crane Christmas Cards

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Long renowned for their impressive Festive card designs and styles and outstanding engraving, Crane & Co. recently released their 2012 Holiday Card Collection. These stunning Christmas cards confirm that Crane has not lost a beat in creating some of the most gorgeous engraved Christmas cards both for company and family private greetings.

Classic Engraved Christmas Tree Greeting Card from Crane & Co.

From its timeless engraved Christmas tree to its beautiful leaping gold stag, Crane’s artists create some of the most beautiful holiday greeting cards in the marketplace. Quite a few customers make a habit of giving Crane holiday cards and also have religiously been doing so for a number of years. Shouldn’t you consider making this holiday season distinctive by mailing a “tiny piece of art” to your friends, family or business acquaintances?

Engraved Wreath Christmas Card from Crane

Located in Dalton, Massachusetts, Crane has been producing high-quality stationery and customized invitations for more than 200 years. As one of the most well-known private firms in the United States, Crane is renowned for its 100% cotton paper, exceptional designs and delightful engraving. A “green” firm way before the environment became a trendy topic, Crane utilizes a mix of re-cycled cotton scraps from textile mills, cotton and cuttings from its own plants to make its papers.

Sheila May is the owner of Therese Saint Clair and publishes articles quite often about wedding invitation trends and custom photo cards.

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Big Apple Holiday Cards

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Christmas season in NYC is truly a wonderful season. It seems that almost every street corner is loaded with lights, spectacular colors as well as the aroma of chestnuts cooking on charcoal fires. A little bit of snow, definitely helps the atmosphere, even so the holiday season is a unique period in The Big Apple.

Business Holiday Card

One of the main creative designers of top quality holiday greeting cards has created quite a few christmas cards that catches the flavor of the holiday season in the big apple.

These great holiday Christmas cards are generally made use of by New York-based businesses to promote their company, but New Yorkers will regularly use the cards to commemorate the beauty of their wonderful metropolis.

Business Holiday Card

Although some of these Christmas greeting cards offer retouched images of photos, others use celebrated works of American painters. Whether it is Rockefeller Center, Central Park or one of many moving winter moments in the City, you can be sure to find a card that will fit your “New York state of mind.”

Regardless of what you’ve planned this year to remain in touch with clients or close friends, please consider this exciting array of NYC Christmas cards.

Sheila May is among the founding members of the Stationers Guild and blogs frequently about Christmas cards and holiday photo cards.

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Sensibly priced Family Holiday Greeting Cards

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

At this particular time of year – with Thanksgiving along with the Christmas holidays approaching – most people start to think about family and friends. It has become a bit of a tradition to mail Christmas cards to keep in touch with distant family and friends. Facebook and Twitter just do not have exactly the same degree of closeness or relevance for most people.

Holiday Greeting Card

A large number of holiday greeting card firms offer up early-season promotions well into October if you pick your custom-made holiday cards ahead of time. With countless alternatives available on the internet, selecting the applicable card might seem too much to handle. As stationers, it is recommended that you shop at local stores to sample the papers and rejoice at the design and printing options of these little artwork.

Affordable Christmas Card

If you determine to purchase your holiday cards on the internet, it is usually best to work with a dependable organization who promote their Holiday greeting cards through licensed dealers as well as their corporate website. While shopping with a seasoned dealer is always the most preferred alternative, you are unlikely to be duped with the well-known companies featured on this website.

While there are numerous potential distractions around the winter holiday, try and create some time to get up to date with close friends with a well-designed custom made holiday card. Telling your family news is an excellent way to ring in the New Year.

Richard May is one of the founding members of the Stationers Guild and blogs often about wedding invitations and holiday photo cards.

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Choosing your Holiday Photo Cards Online

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

With many suitable choices, selecting the appropriate Holiday photo card can be a tricky ordeal. Although digital publishing continues to rise in popularity, photo-mount Christmas cards still continue being an effective choice for people that choose the higher quality resolution of commercially printed pictures.

Holiday Photo Card

While picking out your Christmas photo cards on the internet, keep in mind that the final holiday photo card may well not be precisely what you would expect. Screen monitors and low-resolution photographs frequently alter colors and – short of a print-proof – it’s impossible of figuring out whether your holiday photo card will exactly match the photo depicted on the computer monitor.

Holiday Photo Greeting Card

Though this should not deter you from choosing a photo card on the internet, it is prudent to shop with businesses that have tried and tested expertise in digital reproduction. As independent stationers, we always suggest that you shop at local stores to view yourself the paper and print quality before choosing. If you buy with dependable online printing firms, the price of buying online or in a store is generally the same. Shouldn’t it seem sensible to shop in your neighborhood?

Unfortunately, quite a few feel pressed for time and imagine that the benefit of purchasing online exceeds the actual down-side. If you happen to be among those individuals, then the printing and design companies displayed on this website are respected organizations whose quality of work and craftsmanship have stood the test of time.

Search prudently when buying your holiday photo cards this season.

Richard May is among the founding members of the Stationers Guild and contributes articles frequently about wedding invitations and business holiday cards.

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