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Kleinfeld Paper Fills the Void

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Just before Thursday’s big snow “event” Sheila and I received a very kind visit from Paul Wainman of Kleinfeld Paper and Karla Cushman of Studio Cushman who is responsible for a great deal of Kleinfeld’s new designs.   Paul, the former President of William Arthur, is very well-known in the stationery industry and it is great to see him leverage Kleinfeld’s considerable clout in wedding fashion into creating fine wedding papers for brides.

I try to avoid brand comparisons, since most fine paper designers have their own distinctive styles.   While Kleinfeld’s designs are certainly fashionable, I feel that the span of their designs, printing options and price points can only be compared to the lovely papers produced by Encore.  In effect, Kleinfeld is responding to a deep vacuum that has not been properly filled since Encore closed its doors in September, 2011.   In fact, I suspect that this is one reason why many stationery stores have found Kleinfeld’s Wedding Collection so appealing.

Paul and Karla shared with us a collage of  their new wedding collection called “Timeless” which will be released this Spring.   Clearly, this new album features more traditional and classic designs which have stood the “test of time” (sorry about that!) and are most certain to create some buzz leading into May’s National Stationery Show.    Nevertheless, these  ”Timeless” designs are edgy without diminishing the importance of the occasion.    Both Sheila and I were truly excited to see something new and are on the short list for the new album.

One of the great benefits of working Kleinfeld Paper is its ability to think outside the box and work with leading stationers to create truly unique designs for bridal couples.   While many printing companies seem unable to function outside pre-designed templates, Kleinfeld’s printing and custom design specialists are more than willing to explore the full potential of fine paper and custom design.   This is certainly most reassuring.

In addition to letterpress, engraving, thermography and digital printing,  Kleinfeld also offers “raised print” which is a form of digital printing that simulates thermography, but without its many limitations.

If you are a stationery retailer and wish to learn more about this exciting brand, please visit Kleinfeld’s retail portal.

Sheila and Richard May
Therese Saint Clair

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Stationersguild x DressLands Elegant Bodycon Dress

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Stationersguild x DressLands Elegant Bodycon Dress – Gold Sequins/ Chiffon panel

This stationersguild x Dresslands elegant bodycon dress is suitable to wear for summertime after 5 occasions that call for a dressy, sophisticated look. The upper portion of the fitted bodice is graced with a sheer chiffon panel that is carefully hemmed on all edges. Because the fabric is sheer, the hems serve the purpose of pristine decorative trim. Gold sequins form a bustier profile beneath the chiffon panel. This portion of the dress has an irregular bottom edge that extends below the waistline in decorative points, finally culminating into short and long vertical stripes of gold over the ivory skirt portion of the dress. The skirt portion is short, ending at the mid thigh. There is a chiffon overlay that ends beyond the length of the opaque under layer of the dress. This dress has long, sheer chiffon sleeves. It zips in the back and is easy to put on and take off. We are offering this stationersguild x dress in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

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Paul Wainman President of Kleinfeld Paper

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

It is always a pleasure to see decent and capable individuals in positions of leadership in the stationery industry. Paul Wainman, formerly of William Arthur, is certainly one of them. I am thrilled to report that Paul has recently accepted to become the President at Kleinfeld Paper.

Kleinfeld, an icon in the wedding fashion industry, has just launched the first Kleinfeld Paper Wedding Collection to retailers.

Kleinfeld Paper is based in Billerica, MA and offers a wide range of design, print techniques {including engraving, letterpress, contemporary letterpress, multi-color raised ink and digital} and a number of price points in the Wedding Collection.

Learn more about Kleinfeld Paper by clicking on this Retail Link. On this site, retailers can learn about Kleinfeld Paper and also initiate an on-line application process. Once retailers are approved they are able to log into the retailer site where they can place, amend and track orders.

So, take action now and begin the application process to become a Kleinfeld Paper retailer.

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Shawn Rabideau at Kramer Drive

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

As I reported last May, Kramer Drive had the good fortune to hook up with Shawn Rabideau to develop a beautiful suite of approximately 16 invitation designs complete with table and menu cards, thank you notes and a reply card set.

For those not familiar with Shawn Rabideau, he is probably one of the foremost event planners in the United States orchestrating one-of-a-kind intimate dinners, weddings and large corporate events.  While you may not be able to afford Shawn to plan your “intimate” party for 500, you can certainly get the benefit of Shawn’s impeccable taste and vision with the Shawn Rabideau invitation suite from Kramer Drive.

Internet images fail to do justice to the explosion of Rabideau colors that are carefully orchestrated to embrace all elements of the invitation suite.    Some may find these designs great for weddings, while others may opt for a Bar Mitzvah or special occasion, but all of his lovely designs are beautifully and efficiently captured by the good folks at Kramer Drive in their latest Album release.

Rabideau and Kramer are a marriage made in heaven and we are thrilled to be carrying this delightful paper outcome of his stunning creativity.

When you see stationery and invitations of this quality and design, it makes you proud to be in the stationery industry and to be able to share these great designs with our clients.

It’s a pleasure to work with young, fun and creative people who actually care about service quality.   We love to do business with Kramer Drive.

Well done!

Sheila P. May
Thérèse Saint Clair

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National Stationery Show Recap

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

I have just returned from the National Stationery Show (“NSS”) and continue to be inspired by the resiliency of the many fine designers and printers in the industry and the brick and mortar dealers who share these beautiful products with their clients.

While the stationery show has been shrinking in recent years, I do not think it was appreciably smaller than last year. Hopefully, this is a good sign for the industry. Personally, I find the NSS far more manageable since many of the weaker players have been weeded out.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some of my favorite “finds” in the hope that those who couldn’t attend the show in NYC may draw some inspiration. For those in a buying mode, I would certainly recommend the buying guide that Brian Lawrence (formerly Encore Studios) and Gayle Driggers (formerly with Crane)  have put together with their great personal insights.

While many may have thought that paper social invitations have gone the way of the dinosaur, Kramer Drive is proving them wrong. KD is leading with delightful designs, great service quality and a “can do” attitude that is rare in the industry. At the show, KD announced that they were teaming up with famed event planner Shawn Rabideau to create some “grown up” designs that have a serious WOW factor.

Letterpress remains hot – perhaps too hot as the supply appears to be outstripping design and print quality. The up-and-coming Haute Papier continues to create affordable letterpress stationery – now with great envelope liners – and we were thrilled to see their colorful new personalized napkins. Again, these are very nice people to work with who go the extra mile to deliver what they promise.

It was a pleasure to catch up with Paul Wainman (formerly of William Arthur) who now serves as an advisor to Kleinfeld Paper who is launching their exclusive line of Designer Wedding Stationery.   Kleinfeld Paper is in partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal, which is well known for its renowned wedding gown salon located in Manhattan, New York.

Got to run, but will be back later with a more detailed look at some of my favorites.

Richard W. May

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Dauphine Press Spring Promotion

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Now through June 30th, please select one the great Spring Promotional options when your order your wedding invitations or Bar Mitzvah invitations from Dauphine Press.

1. ONE FREE MATCHING NOTE CARD for every invitation ordered. Thank your guests with style. Complimentary 1-color note cards with any wedding invitation order. Matching blank envelopes included.
2. 30 FREE INVITATIONS with your order of 100 invitations. A perfect insurance policy for a growing guest list. Order 100 or more letterpress wedding elements and receive 30 free! Receive 100, pay for 70.
3. FREE PERSONALIZED TAGS to add elegance and style to the packaging of your guest wedding favor. Tags will coordinate with your wedding invitation design, using the same paper and ink.
4. 15% OFF ANY INVITATION ORDER. Now your dream wedding invitation can fit into your budget. Discount applies to printed pieces only. Embellishments not included.

Dauphine Press is one of our favorites letterpress companies from the West Coast. These contemporary designs are certain to add a fresh new look to make your wedding or Bar Mitzvah event even more spectacular.

Sheila P. May
Therese Saint Clair

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Arzberger: Engraved Stationery and Custom Invitations

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Arzberger has become the new “go-to” resource for engraved stationery and custom invitations.  Currently, Arberger is overwhelmed with new business now that Crane & Co. has decided to implement their recently announced “back to basics” strategy.

Arzberger Staff

Stationers across the United States are still reeling from Crane’s decision in late December to significantly reduce customization options, ink colors, paper stock and envelope linings in an effort to reconfigure their business.  Many in the industry had expected that Crane’s acquisition of  William Arthur in November signaled a major push by Crane to dominate high-end fashion stationery and custom invitations.   This is clearly not the case.

Arzberger Engraved Invitations

While Arzberger’s printing business has increased, I was informed by a spokesperson for the company that they still welcome new business from stationers and clients who seek quality and time-tested printing and classic designs.   I was reassured that Arzberger has more than enough printing capacity to fill the vacuum left behind by Crane.

Azberger has produced finely crafted wedding, personal and social stationery for customers throughout the United States since 1922.  From design to shipping, everything necessary to produce your stationery is done by us in our facility in Charlotte.  Just because we have been doing this forever does not make us boring or dreary; to the contrary, it makes us one of the only companies in this business that has consistently been getting it right.  For more information on their philosophy (which most quality stationers share), please visit their website.

Arzberger Printer Engraving Invitations

For those searching for a world-class printer and design company that can easily fulfill the needs of your current Crane clients and to establish an ongoing relationship for future custom business, please acess the attached contact information for Arzberger.   I will be providing additional information in later posts, but I have been overwhelmed with requests from dealers across the United States seeking alternatives to fill the vacuum left behind by Crane.  Based on my initial conversations with Elizabeth Edwards, I am confident that Arzberger is more than capable of meeting the expectations of your most demanding clients.

Richard W. May
Founding Member of the Stationers Guild

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Do it yourself Wedding Invitations

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Planning a wedding ceremony can certainly be a demanding event and expensive celebration. Along with constrained budgets, many bridal couples try and save money to help keep the wedding function from spinning out of hand by creating their own wedding invitations.

Envelopments Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Build it yourself wedding invitations appear to as being an essential choice for those wedding couples keen on creating their particular announcements in addition to wedding papers. As we’ve indicated on numerous occasions, a well designed save the date invitation and wedding invitation is an efficient way to help you arrange your wedding day and prevent avoidable confusion and cost.

Envelopments Wedding Invitations Inspiration

Probably the most well-liked paper resource within the stationery market is Envelopments. Famous because of their pocket folders, Envelopments has developed into a dependable source for creative designers of custom made wedding invitations and save the date cards.

With a seemingly endless selection of paper styles, color merger and coordinating envelopes, stationery designers can generally locate the “right” papers to make attractive wedding invitations.

Fairly recently, Envelopments has opened up its sizable collection of papers for the public to purchase online. Although many may find this good, the brand new Envelopments website is difficult to browse through and a newcomer will likely be overwhelmed by the paper alternatives and design possibilities. I predict that Envelopments are going to be making modifications to their website to ensure it is more easy to navigate, but it’s certainly a good initial-step for all those interested in Do-it-yourself wedding invitations.

For all those visiting the Envelopments website the very first time, I would suggest simply clicking on the Inspirations button to research the creative possibilities. While some of the design solutions or colors might not be right for you, you’ll have a a lot better concept of what you might prefer to make your own wedding invitations. Luckily, each “Inspiration” invitation collection has a precise list of the needed papers.

For those who would like to investigate more, take a look at Products and Colors for further inspiration. I imagine that most people will be weighed down with the choices. If this is the case, make contact with one of Envelopments expert dealers in your area to complete your order.

Richard May, an owner of Therese Saint Clair, talks quite often about stationery movements and online wedding invitations.

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Creative DIY Wedding Invitations

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Organizing a wedding and reception can be quite a challenging event and expensive function. Along with limited budgets, a lot of bridal couples seek to economize to help keep the wedding event from spiraling out of hand by creating their very own wedding invitations.

Envelopments Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations seem to becoming an most important choice for those wedding couples curious about making their particular announcements as well as other wedding papers. As we have noted on numerous occasions, a well built save the date card and wedding invitation is usually an effective way to help synchronize your wedding and avoid unnecessary stress and confusion and cost.

Envelopments Wedding Invitations Inspiration

Probably the most well-liked paper source inside the stationery industry is Envelopments. Well known because of their pocket folder invitations, Envelopments has developed into a go-to resource for designers of custom wedding invitations and announcements.

Having a surprisingly endless assortment of papers, color merger and corresponding envelopes, stationery creative designers can usually locate the “best suited” papers to create gorgeous wedding papers.

Recently, Envelopments has unfolded its sizable library of papers to the public to purchase online. While a good many will find this gratifying, the brand new Envelopments website is not easy to browse through and a newbie will likely be overwhelmed by the paper choices and design possibilities. I believe that Envelopments will be making improvements on their website to help it become less difficult to navigate, but it’s certainly a useful initial-step for those interested in DIY wedding invitations.

For anyone going to the Envelopments website for the first time, I would suggest simply clicking on the Inspirations option to explore the design options. While some of the design choices or colors may well not work for you, you’ll have a lot better thought of what you might require to make your own wedding papers. Thankfully, each “Inspiration” invitation collection contains a precise listing of the needed papers.

For individuals who wish to search more, visit Products and Colors for further inspiration. I imagine that many people will be overloaded with the possibilities. If this is the case, contact one of Envelopments knowledgeable retailers in your area to complete your order.

Richard May, an owner of Therese Saint Clair, writes often about stationery trends and online wedding invitations.

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Elements of a Lovely Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Putting together your very own one of a kind wedding invitation suite demands a bit of effort and organizational tools but is far less of a challenge compared to what most bridal pairs imagine. Even though it is often best to work alongside a skilled stationery store owner to finalize your wedding invitation, many of the important elements of design can be established prior to finding a competent specialist

William Arthur Wedding Invitations

There’re five key elements worthwhile considering: the primary wedding concept, color palette, the wedding papers, the printing process and the organizational prerequisites. Let us assess each key factor one by one:

The Wedding Style

Even though the season of the year is often employed to select an overall wedding template, bridal couples often pick a wedding style that has very little to do with the season. Time-honored wedding invitations mirror the importance of the occasion far more than the time of the season, although other couples may wish to highlight their unique design and style. Certainly, choosing an organizational concept helps to organize elements of the wedding and reception.

The Wedding Color Palette

Deciding on the proper wedding color styles may help connect with each other other components of the wedding ceremony, such as, floral arrangements, bridesmaid gowns and table settings. Using vivid ink colors and envelope textures for your wedding invitation is really a practical method to tie in the colors of your wedding concept.

The Wedding Papers

Choosing the “right” paper stock for the wedding invitation is fairly subjective. There are 100s – if not thousands and thousands – of breathtaking papers to choose from. Weight is commonly a vital factor, but other bridal couples find gentle textured hand-made wedding papers to their liking. Deciding upon paper that is white or ecru will give you more freedom in deciding upon motifs and different colors to correspond to your wedding theme.

The Printing Processes

Engraving is the most classic form of printing wedding invitations, but letterpress is experiencing a revival. Despite the fact that both engraving and letterpress printing are more costly than conventional printing and themography, the appeal of traditional printing is unique.

Using your wedding papers as organizing tools

Alongside the wedding invitation, reply cards, seating cards, wedding accommodation cards, menu cards and wedding programs are effective organizational assets. Do not ignore an opportunity to create a save the date announcement to assist your attendees with useful transportation and hotels information.

Engagement Invitation from William Arthur

A well-crafted wedding invitation is a beneficial opportunity to stamp your identity on the wedding. Cautious planning will permit you to use your wedding invitation to honor the event and establish excitement for your special day.

Richard W. May is one the owners of Therese Saint Clair and writes often about wedding invitations and stationery trends.

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