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Arzberger Forges Ahead

A couple of years ago at the National Stationery Show, I had the opportunity to chat with a number of independent engravers whose businesses had been totally decimated by a combination of factors as consumers flocked to social media platforms to share their personal baggage with “friends” who claimed to be interested.

Mind you, I am not a Luddite or a snob – at least my imaginary dog agrees with me – but there is a tangible difference between a business card from VistaPrint or Kinko’s and an engraved business card printed on 96 lb stock.   Does the card really make the man or woman?  Of course not, but if I’m hiring I’d rather see an engraved business card and printed resume than someone’s Facebook page.

After looking at the creativity and bold designs of these master engravers, I was convinced that hundreds of years of beautiful printing would soon disappear under the unrelenting assault of tweets signifying nothing.   Fortunately, some of these craftspeople managed to persevere under great financial stress and I am delighted to report that there are signs (albeit small glimmers) that consumers are beginning to tire of the flat printing and insipid designs that characterize most invitations and stationery on the Internet.

Arzberger Wedding Invitations

Following an article published several days ago by the Stationers Guild, I am delighted to report that Arzberger has received a number of calls for engraved wedding and Bar Mitzvah invitations.  Perhaps, the cloud is lifting and consumers are rediscovering the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into making fine stationery and custom invitations.  I certainly hope so.  To me – and I am exaggerating slightly – it is similar to seeing an original piece of art at a gallery rather than a post card representation.

Arzberger Bat Mitzvah Engraved Invitation

My fingers are crossed that Arzberger’s business will grow exponentially and that they will  continue to develop this craft which has such important historical and cultural antecedents and traditions.

Richard W. May
Founding Member of the Stationers Guild

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  1. Shelley Kyle Says:

    We are great fans of Arzberger! Thank you for highlighting their beautiful work!
    Shelley, Kyle Fine Stationery, Tuscaloosa, AL

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