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More Cheap Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I continue to be amazed that “Cheap Wedding Invitation” websites continue to emerge on almost a daily basis.  Just today, I learned that Love Bug Invitations had just launched a website selling “cheap” wedding invitations.  While I have no quarrel and indeed encourage bridal couples to seek the most affordable wedding invitation for their budget, the idea of searching for a “cheap wedding invitations” strikes me as a bit daft.  Furthermore, I think most people agree with me.

According to Google, roughly 40,000 searches were performed in September using the search term “cheap wedding invitations,” while 1,200,000 searches were performed for “wedding invitations.”  This suggests that less than 4% of web searches had already decided on their market niche: “cheap”.    Not “affordable,”  “budget-conscious,” “inexpensive,” or “reasonably priced,” but “cheap!”   Beware bridal couples, you will get exactly what you are paying for.

The first tell-tale sign that you are being played is the About Us section.   The Love Bug About Us Section is most revealing:  

“Love Bug Wedding Invitations began as a result of the fun and excitement of planning weddings.  After many years of looking through bridal books and shopping the aisles of  stationery stores, we knew we had found our niche.  We love what we do and find immense joy in helping brides to find the perfect stationery for a day they will never forget. We only work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to assure our customers are getting the very best in wedding stationery.”

The first clue is that anyone could have written this.  You have no idea who you are dealing with and what level of experience they have in dealing with bridal couples.  The second clue is their claim to “only work with the leading manufacturers in the industry.”  The manufacturers listed on their website are Carlson Craft, Nuart, McPhersons:   Taylor Companies that use the same recycled designs under different labels.    The third clue is to see a percentage discount linked to a particular brand name.  Except for seasonal promotions, this generally signifies that the manufacturer does not stand behind integrity and intrinsic value of their brand.    In the case of Love Bug Wedding Invitations and the Taylor Company distribution channels, disounting is a way of life.   I find it amusing that Love Bug’s Tag Line is “LoveBugWeddingInvitations … where ‘discount’ is our claim to fame!”  How appropriate.

If you are looking for invitations and working on a tight budget, I strongly recommend that you contact a Guild Member store in your neighborhood to see the paper and design options that fit your budget.

Richard W. May
Therese Saint Clair

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